Summer Tasting Boards

Suggested Ingredients Bring lots of color: Carrots, peppers, cauliflower Incorporate different textures: Crunchy, creamy, firm, chewy Add sweet treats: Baked bites, fruit, chocolate Add savory: Cheese, salami and small bites of protein or stuffed mushrooms Add unique new foods: Focal point: Audience: Note about cheeses: I love to check the reduced-price cheese bin in one of my local grocery stores. Also, small ends of unique cheeses are in a bin so I can try a new or different cheese on my board, just for fun!




1. Summer is a great time to create a beautiful Charcuterie board. Guest will love grazing through the assorted snacks and local delights. .

2. Start with a fun board in your kitchen - what do you have? Crackers, treats, nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies, and proteins.

3. Shop local farm markets. Ask the farmer about any produce that looks unique.

4. Shop any local stores for tasty treats.

5. Make a few focal points by shaping the food you want to use fancier.

6. Garnish and fill your board with edible flowers, herbs, unique cuts, and cookie-cutter designs.

Summer Tasting Boards

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