Hi, I'm Lori Fernandez.

Cooking Coach and Consultant...at your service!

I decided to go to Culinary School to be a chef after I was fifty years old. I had been in the Food Service Industry for over 20 years and I wanted to learn more. Why did biscuits not rise? What vegetables are easy to make that don’t come in a can or frozen? How do you prepare those vegetables making even kids love them? How do I know what to add when my recipe needs something, but I’m not sure what to add? I studied hard and now I want to share with others what I learned. 

Currently I am the Director of Food and Nutrition and a Certified Dietary Manager with a degree in Culinary Arts. I work hard to increase sales, boost the food quality and maintain the budget. I have opened brand new kitchens and but also love to help the home cook. I have worked in every aspect of the food industry from fast food to fine dining including health care institutions. For the home cook it is my passion to help transform relationships with whole foods and find confidence in the kitchen.

For professional kitchens, I bring in new ideas to help grow and succeed. I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you! When I am not cooking from scratch, you can find me enjoying a bike ride, spending time in nature, and helping others have the best day ever!